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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Spice Storage is Key to Your Flavorful Recipes

Tweet Spice Storage is a topic I never thought about until I turned a season salt jar upside down and nothing came out, yes I could see the season salt but it wasn’t moving. Was the spice outdated? Was it the temperature of the area it was stored? Was there too much moisture in the […]

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Learn To Deal With the Wine Steward in Restaurants

Tweet Ordering wine in restaurants is an essential step in ‘enjoying your dining experience. You will find that there ‘are two types of restaurants serving wine: simply, those ‘that have a poor wine service and poor wine selections, ‘and those that provide a knowledgeable and helpful wine ‘staff, and stock favorable wines.’ When faced with […]

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Preserving an Open Bottle of Wine – How To Keep A Good Wine From Going Bad

Tweet For ten years, I ran a Wine Education program at a major university. Our program involved lots of tastings and, to reduce costs, we looked at various wine preservation systems. An inexpensive pump and plug system called Vacuvin won out on that day, though I have tried other experiments in preservation. For example, one […]

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