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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Italy: Tips for Eating Out

Tweet Italy is home to some of the most wonderful food and restaurants on the planet. Here, we take a look at how to avoid being daunted by the complexities of a traditional Italian menu. One of my favorite parts of Italy is the area to the north of venice and Verona. The region, encompassing […]

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Argentinean Food

Tweet Argentina’s high-protein cuisine is sometimes said to resemble European cuisine-particularly Italian, Spanish and French varieties-rather than other Latin American gastronomy. This is partially due to the country’s great production of beef, which makes read meat a common ingredient. Grilled meat, called parrilla, and beef ribs are particularly common, but the Argentines do not let […]

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Restaurant Dining Review – Bar Stools, Why Are They So Uncomfortable?

Tweet Hey, Restaurant Guy, we’re your customers. That’s right, we pay your bills – so listen up. Why are your bar stools so uncomfortable? Do you really want us to jump ship and move to another bar where we can adjust our attitude in comfort? Before you defend your bar stools, sit in one for […]

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A Matter of Degrees – Serving Temperatures of Beer

Tweet Ice-cold beer loses its subtlety of flavor. You may prefer that if you’re drinking bad beer. But if you just laid down $10 for a six-pack of English porter, you want to serve it properly. This is most important if you’re conducting a formal tasting. The average refrigerator keeps food at about 40°F. At […]

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Finding your way among Spanish wines Part I: Location

Tweet So, you have asked for the restaurant’s wine list (or were handled one by default) and now need to find your way on it. It’s not that hard, really. The first thing you’ll notice is that the list is divided, after the gross Blancos/Tintos (white/red), in sections headed by a name that seems to […]

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Cutlery Knife Sets And Pro Knives

Tweet Carving the Thanksgiving turkey, cutting the Christmas ham, or just cutting up some summer barbeque, making sure you have the right knife for the job is absolutely essential. Cutlery refers to knives and other cutting instruments used in preparing, serving and eating meals. A carving knife, for example, is a piece of cutlery History […]

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The History of Coffee

Tweet Many cigar smokers enjoy a stogie with a nice bottle of wine or a full glass of whiskey. Others enjoy pairing a stick with a strong beer or setting a cigar up with a sweet girl named “Brandy.” Then there are those who simply think cigars and coffee are the ideal combo: move over […]

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The History Of Rum

Tweet Mexico is a country of vast history and traditions and this is reflected in the intense and varied flavours of their cuisine. The influence of the Spaniards who arrived in Mexico in 1521 is reflected in Mexican cuisine in varying degrees. When the Spanish landed in Mexico they found the people’s diet consisted mainly […]

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