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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Restaurant Press that Works

Tweet Restaurant press can add more than just a few dollars to you bottom line, it can add credibility and a flood of follow-up mentions if you play the game right. If you have read your local paper, or watched your local television you have to have noticed that whenever there is a story affecting […]

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Hot Tamale – Mexican Food

Tweet Mexico is a country of vast history and traditions and this is reflected in the intense and varied flavours of their cuisine. The influence of the Spaniards who arrived in Mexico in 1521 is reflected in Mexican cuisine in varying degrees. When the Spanish landed in Mexico they found the people’s diet consisted mainly […]

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Get a Handle on Your Food Costs

Tweet Other than payroll, Food Costs is the largest expense in almost every restaurant operation. Tight control over them is essential if the restaurant operator has any hope to be profitable. Fortunately, food costs are a fairly flexible expense, and can be easily controlled with some vigilant monitoring. Most operators always want to drive for […]

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How to Know What Wine to Order in a Restaurant

Tweet It can be embarrassing if you are out on a date at a fancy restaurant and you don’t know the right wine to order, it’s even worse if you are out with another couple. Even though ordering a bottle of wine while dining out isn’t all that different than buying from a winery you […]

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How to Cook Steak

Tweet Steak, though a grill favorite, can be cooked in several other ways. They can be pan-fried, braised, broiled, baked, etc. Selecting the proper method for cooking steak depends on its tenderness. There are dry heat methods and moist methods. Dry heat methods are generally applied for more tender steaks such as filet mignon and […]

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Goat Milk Products

Tweet Fresh goat milk obtained from healthy and well-fed animals by adopting clean milk production practices at the farm level will definitely command a premium price than cow milk. It is indeed heartening to note that pasteurized goat milk sachets and bottles are decorating the shelves of super markets and health food stores in many […]

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How To Pour The Perfect Glass Of Wine

Tweet To pour the perfect glass of wine you must take several steps: Temperature Of The Wine: The temperature at which a wine is served makes an immense impact on its taste. Serving wine while cool will mask some imperfections which is good for younger or cheaper wines. However, a warmer wine temperature allows a […]

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