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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Are You Using the Right Bakeware?

Tweet Bakeware is such an integral part of your kitchen that you probably don’t think twice about whether you are using the right pans for your cakes and loaves. Instead of substituting the bakeware recommended in recipes with whatever you have, why not make sure you have the right cookware for the right item? In […]

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Attracting New Customers To Your Restaurant

Tweet New customers are as important for the restaurant business as the regular ones. In fact it is not possible for any business to prosper without new customers. A steady flow of new customers is needed to balance the old customers that are no longer coming to your restaurant for some or other reasons such […]

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Coffee

Tweet A morning ritual for most Americans, coffee is a necessity for some people to start there day. The vast majority of adults in this country drink coffee at least once a day, and most of those drink at least two or three cups. Its steamy hot goodness is a staple in households, but what […]

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How To Pair Beer With Food

Tweet While the variations of beer may not be as cut and dry as they are for wine (red, white, etc), the beverage has several distinctive styles and you can certainly create a more favorable food combination if you are interested in that sort of thing. If you have any experience with pairing wine with […]

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Eating Out Greek Style

Tweet Sure, you love to eat out, or even order in for dinner. But you want to eat healthy AND flavorful foods and doesn’t everybody already know to stay away from fried rice, eggrolls and double cheese-stuffed pizza? What about healthful fare that is less common but just as tasty, such as Greek cuisine? Can […]

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How To Find Truly Valuable Restaurant Guides

Tweet One thing that I enjoy very much when going on a vacation or just traveling somewhere special is when we try different restaurants and places to eat. Of course, when we go to a new place, we don’t know where we can find the best food. Therefore, usually we used restaurant guides to help […]

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