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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Tips For Creating a Successful Restaurant Design

Tweet The brand and brand personality of a restaurant is brought to life through its restaurant design. And to accomplish this restaurant design, it is needed for one to be focused, functional, inviting and consistent enough to provide for expansion, renovation and longevity of the restaurant design. What are the steps involved in making an […]

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Bartending Pro Tips Part 1: How to Make Money and Have Fun With a Career in Bartending!

Tweet In a bar, you will find an interesting and diverse community of people who will seek out fine bartending, not only for the relaxation and camaraderie, but also for a familiar and comfortable environment where they are recognized and accepted. For many people, in this competitive and aggressive world, a bar may be a […]

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The Incredible Edible Lobster

Tweet Ever wonder what lobsters eat, or why they are red? How about the right way to cook them and what that green stuff is? Here’s some interesting facts about our favorite summer meal. We love to eat them, but what do they eat? Lobsters crawl around the bottom of the sea hunting for food […]

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Beer Brewing Traditional In Europe

Tweet Beer brewing in Europe continues to be a serious traditional business. For thousands of years, Europe has been a leader in brewing this popular beverage. Many countries have perfected distinctive beers; some are like mythological ambrosia. Maintaining the quality of centuries-old recipes, many brewers realize that their strength lies in maintaining tradition over promoting […]

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The Ideal Wine Cellar: Everything You Need To Get Started

Tweet So you’ve decided to take a large step, and move from wine lover to wine connoisseur. You are going to buy a wine cellar. This guide will give you all the information you need to make this purchase. Wine Bottle Storage The ideal location for storing wine is a dark, draftless area that stays […]

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Top 5 Lobster Myths

Tweet Ask anyone who has eaten a lobster and they can probably remember a time where they were told a tale about the red-shelled, big-clawed animal, which they were not quite sure they believed. Although most people ignore what they hear because the delectable sweet taste of a fresh Maine lobster is hard to turn […]

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Becoming A Chef: Specialty Chefs and Their Responsibilities

Tweet When most people talk about becoming a chef, it is assumed their goal is to attain the title of Executive Chef. However, there are many specialty chef positions available to those who have the proper culinary arts training. If you dream of becoming a professional chef, take a few moments to look over the […]

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