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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Restaurant Marketing Tips – Advertise Online For Free! Part 3

Tweet Welcome to the third and final article of this series. I had a tough time deciding which of the many free advertising options to cover. In the end I went to the search engines and ran a series of searches for pizza and restaurants. From these, I selected two items which typically showed up […]

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Wine Tasting – What You Need To Know

Tweet Attending a wine tasting can be very entertaining, however there are a vast majority of wannabe wine connoisseur’s out there who don’t like to attend these gatherings as they do not know what they are supposed to do or what way to act when sampling the wine. With wine tasting there is no great […]

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Garlic – What are the benefits?

Tweet Many people take garlic, either in supplement form, or in their diet, for its health benefits. Garlic is promoted for improved immune system, improved cardiovascular health, and perhaps even cancer prevention. But what does the science say and can it really benefit you? And, if it doesn’t really benefit you, can it actually harm […]

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The Bordeaux Wine Region Of France

Tweet Located in the south west of France around the city of Bordeaux, the Bordeaux wine region lies close to the Atlantic ocean and the region covers more than 10,000 square kilometers and supports approximately 284,000 acres of vineyards. Today Bordeaux is home to thousands of wine producing châteaux following a tradition started way back […]

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Introduction to Thai Food

Tweet Thai food is a cultural inheritance transferred to and from generations. In Thai eating culture, rice is the main component to be consumed with other supplement. The Thai menu is composed of diverse methods on cooking; for instance, boiling, soup, frying, spicy salad and the chili paste with the combination of tastes; sour, salty, […]

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Secrets To Choosing Champagne

Tweet Champagne, or sparkling wine as it is known outside of France, certainly conjures up romantic images. Champagne has a reputation for being THE beverage to serve at most special occasions. And rightfully so. At it’s finest, Champagne is delicate, crisp and clean. A good bottle flirts with the perfect qualities of the Chardonnay, Pinot […]

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Details About Cream

Tweet Cream is a fat rich component and has been known from time immemorial as the fatty layer that rises to the top portion of the milk when left undisturbed. It may be defined as that portion of milk which is rich in milk fat. It can also be defined as the portion of milk […]

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