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Monthly Archives: December 2008

The History and Production of Chocolate

Tweet Cocoa powder and the many different types of chocolate are all derived from cocoa beans, the seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree. These small trees are native to the tropical America but are extensively cultivated elsewhere in the tropics. The tree begins to bear fruit when it is 4-5 years old. The […]

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Why Is The T-bone Steak Considered So Special All Over The World?

Tweet On special occasions such as wedding parties, holidays, the Easter dinner or any personal celebration, a refined dish needs equally refined ingredients. Preparing a T-bone steak at home or serving it at the restaurant will definitely prove what a good meal really means. Why is the T-bone steak considered so special? The answer lies […]

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New Marketing Plan Raises Restaurant’s Profitability

Tweet The Frog and The Peach was established over twenty years ago and is known for its high-quality American cuisine and comfortable atmosphere. “Early on I saw a need to build a database of my frequent customers,” Says Elizabeth Alger, owner of The Frog and The Peach restaurant in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We utilized […]

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Culinary School Basic Facts

Tweet   Cooking is a set of an art, this fact has been established a long time ago. There are many people who claim that they can cook as well as, presumably, they probably can. A lot people learn to cook as they grow up when it plays a part in their family kitchen. There […]

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