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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Creating Customer Service Excellence

Tweet In a fast paced, dynamic environment like a customer facing group, there is potential for great wins and some losses as far as attracting, gaining and retaining customers go. So who is responsible for customer service? Anyone who touches the customer, either directly or indirectly is providing a level of service. This includes the […]

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Restaurant Customer Service is Now Customer Care

Tweet by Richard Saporito As I waited for an answer to my technical inquiry from a stereo company, the recording stated a “customer care” representative would be available shortly. At that moment, I realized it’s finally catching on everywhere. With aging baby boomers, world events and additional pressures in today’s society; it is “customer care” […]

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Tips and Suggestions Of Ingredients For the Making of Perfect Steak Marinates

Tweet Cuisines from all over the world rely on a diversity of steak marinades to prepare meat for cooking. Wine, vinegar, lime juice or other acid ingredients are used to tenderize the texture of red meats: pork, veal, beef, lamb and venison. However, tenderizing is not the only great advantage of steak marinades, they also […]

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I Love French Wine And Food – A White Beaujolais

Tweet If you are looking for fine French wine and food, consider the Beaujolais region of southeastern France. You may find a bargain, and I hope that you’ll have fun on this fact-filled wine education tour in which we review a local white Beaujolais wine. Among France’s eleven wine-growing regions Beaujolais perhaps surprisingly ranks number […]

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