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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Why Australia For Fine Wines?

Tweet Australia, the land DownUnder, has become a major and exciting force in international wines. Australian wine is taking the world by storm, due to the quality of the grape stock combined with the skill and experience of its winemakers. This enables it to produce a superb and wide range of Australian wine styles. This […]

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Handwashing, The Most Important Step For Food Safety

Tweet In 2002, a Food Standards agency conducted a survey of 1,000 food workers. Of these 39%…390 of those surveyed.did not wash their hands after using the toilet. 53% didn’t wash their hands before preparing food. Broken down even further, it has been determined (based on this as well as other surveys) that half of […]

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Opening A Restaurant?

Tweet Are you planning to open a restaurant? That’s a great idea, but only if you have completed all your homework perfectly. This business is one of the most competitive businesses. Opening a restaurant is not as easy as it seem to be. It’s a real business, just like any real business, it takes lot […]

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