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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Restaurant Service Basics – Important Basics to Increase Profits

Good restaurant service basics is something that you want your business to build on. Many business owners believe that the kind of restaurant you have will tell the level of your service but this is far from the truth.

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Waiter and Waitress Training: Teach The Dining Room Service Staff About Presence

An extremely important concept that should be taught in every waiter training program is presence at the table and availability for all of the customers needs. Woody Allen once said that “95% of success is just showing up.” And, I shall apply this type of logic to improve dining room customer service.

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The Five Most Dangerous Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

Building your own database of customers allows you to connect directly with them inexpensively… with offers designed to encourage a visit – without competing with competitor’s ads and offers.

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Restaurant Training – Waitress & Waiter Training Role Play Tips For Hospitality Education & Learning

Role play is one of the most effective tools in the trainer’s toolbox where participants can experience real life situations and “learn by doing”. Role play can be used to train any level of company personnel including staff, managers, and even company executives.

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