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Yearly Archives: 2011

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Restaurant Service Performance Review – #124

Tweet  by Richard Saporito   Below is my latest restaurant service performance review. I will be posting these types of reviews from time to time giving insight into today’s restaurant world.   Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to review your restaurant customer service. In these days of high stress, tough economic […]

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Customer Convenience is the Driving Force For Restaurant Locations

Tweet One of the key tenets of business is having the right location. Anyone has any knowledge of market knows well the mantra – location, location, location. When it comes to restaurants this issue is even more important. In fact, it is so crucial to the ultimate success of the restaurant, it is recommended that […]

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What Factors Make a Successful Restaurant?

Tweet Back 1964 Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about obscenity, “I know it when I see”, most of us who dine out on a regular basis offer a similar expression when asked about a restaurant being successful. And as the conversation continues you rapidly come to the understanding that the person you are talking […]

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Restaurant Training – This is Show Business

Tweet In our incredibly competitive hospitality industry, owners and managers are constantly seeking the answer to an important question- How do you recruit, retain, and motivate staff who are responsible for creating a “magical” experience which exceeds your guests’ expectations? Some answers may be found by looking to successful companies that are consistently achieving these […]

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Chef Training: Your Ticket To Endless Possibilities

Tweet Let’s face it: cooking is not an easy thing. But then, it is not that complicated either. With the right stuff and the right training, you can head off boasting like a chef that knows its craft. Hence, whenever somebody has taken good cooking knowledge and skills, we would normally call them chefs. They […]

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Restaurant Training – Good Kitchen Practices

Tweet Once you have your restaurant up and running you will need to make sure everything runs smoothly by ensuring you have good systems in place in your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant so it needs to be properly looked after. A cleaning schedule is imperative for your kitchen as it […]

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5 Tips on How to Handle Your Kitchen Staff

Tweet Restaurants is one of the leading businesses in the world, but the success of this business, along with the location and the quality of food, depends upon the kitchen staff. In other words, you can say that the kitchen is the backbone of this business industry. Being a place of intensive labor, the kitchen […]

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Restaurant Staff Training Tips

Tweet It is widely known that poor service and staff who are difficult to deal with will account for the vast majority of customers who never come back to your restaurant. Staff training is the only way to address these issues properly, and the sooner you implement a program to get your staff up to […]

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