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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Secret to an Effective Restaurant Staff Meeting

Tweet Many meetings you hold in your restaurant are usually one sided. The owner or manager speaks and everybody listens. These types of meetings are great for going over data, but they are not effective in motivating the staff, building team work and coming up with new ideas. After reading a great sales book by […]

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Why You Should Offer Restaurant Training

Tweet A restaurant is successful only if it is based on a deep passion for food, servicing people and extraordinary conceptualization of ideas and passion. Ideas and concepts are easily formed, but for them to physically materialize into a smooth running business can be a challenge that many a restaurant owner has to face. For […]

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Training Your Restaurant Staff – START Doing it Right

Tweet I am going to give you the exact training a server receives from one of the larger fast casual restaurant in the country. I want you to see if you can guess the brand name of the restaurant. This training system is done in all corporate stores and should be easily recognized if you […]

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