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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Restaurant Marketing Does Not Mean How Much I Can Spend on Advertising

Tweet Restaurant marketing is a term that is often interpreted by the restaurateur as advertising and therefore associated with spending their hard earned profits on all kinds of wonderful adverts that are, in most cases, completely useless. Let’s first identify what restaurant marketing actually covers. Yes there is an element of paid advertising in there […]

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Why Restaurants Must Embrace Social Media Marketing

Tweet Social media (SM) can no longer be dismissed by restaurants as a novel concept for marketing their brand and their specific locations. Potential restaurant guests use online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube ever day, hour, even minute to interact with friends, family, colleagues, friends of friends, and more.When it comes to restaurants, […]

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How Top Restaurants Are Using Social Media

Tweet The National Restaurant Association hosted a panel in May 2010 during which several speakers said they were using social media to ‘increase loyalty, enhance the reputation of their business, and increase the bottom line”. How? By building relationships, engaging with customers, supplementing their traditional media efforts, and getting people talking/starting conversations. Sounds like what […]

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Restaurant Service Skills – What You Can Do to Go Big With It

Tweet By¬†Edwin De Leon Having restaurant customer service skills, is worth a million bucks. Since it will pay it self off with repeat business and recommendations. Does your restaurant have a customer service department, if it doesn’t maybe assign this responsibility to some one there? Do you think the word may get out if people […]

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Serving Up Employee Engagement in the Restaurant Business

Tweet There’s an enormous buzz in the restaurant industry these days about the future of managing. What can managers do to promote growth and maximize profitability? How can managers motivate employees to give the highest quality in food preparation and customer service? What qualities do restaurant managers need in order to get promoted and remain […]

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