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Monthly Archives: May 2011

5 Tips for a Great Restaurant Website

Tweet Not only does your restaurant need a website, it needs a great website. Most people when looking for a restaurant go right to the internet. With the internet on cell phones and gps systems, it makes it easy to find a restaurant online. Here are 5 tips for a great restaurant website that will […]

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Increase Restaurant Sales By Avoiding These 9 Mistakes

Tweet Avoid these common mistakes and you will significantly increase your restaurant sales 1 Toilets not clean. Even if you are in a managed building and you are not responsible for cleaning toilets, club together with neighbouring businesses and demand management provide the highest standards of wash room cleanliness. Many female customers in particular will […]

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Ten Steps to Improve Hospitality Service Communication

Tweet You’re celebrating your anniversary at a nice restaurant, you order your favorite meal, it’s going to be a wonderful night… but the waiter is in a bad mood, the order is late, and the food is not what you wanted, you can hear an argument in the kitchen… You won’t be going to that […]

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Customer Service Secrets for the Travel and Hospitality Industry – Nine Principles to Success

Tweet If you want to learn how to get your clients to do your selling for you through exceptional customer service, read on. Learn these simple – yet powerful customer service principles from successful tourism professionals, apply them to your business or career and you are guaranteed to prosper. 1. Be a Good Listener – […]

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Improve Hospitality Operations By Using A Restaurant Service Consultant

Tweet by Richard Saporito Below is an excerpt from a restaurant service consulting report that I had written for an operation here in NYC.  I was on premises for only about 1/2 hour, and these were my findings: 1-Proper restaurant floor diagrams and position points need to be posted for easy staff viewing–not hidden on a page […]

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