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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Ideas For Increasing Restaurant Sales

Tweet Increasing restaurant sales in a climate where discretionary spending is more subdued can be a real challenge. But in fact there are low to no cost strategies that can be used anytime and show surprising results. And guess what, it is not about expensive advertising in the newspapers. Here are five techniques that one […]

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8 Top Social Media Strategies For Restaurants

Tweet As most of my restaurants have slashed their ad budgets, many are using social networking as a major element in their marketing mix. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are found to be the best marketing tools out there to use for free, although incorporating blogs and several other sites will add to your overall social […]

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Effective Restaurant Marketing – Mobile Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

Tweet Competition is fierce in the restaurant industry in today’s economy as restaurant owners are finding it more and more difficult to fill their tables on a nightly basis. It doesn’t matter what the cuisine is or the posh nature of the establishment: the recession has hit this industry hard, to the point where just […]

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5 Must-Haves for Modern Restaurant Websites: And Why iPhone/Android Apps Are Now a Must

Tweet When people hear about a restaurant or want to contact one they already know about – they turn to the closest internet access they have. This has historically been their computer, but increasingly this is taking the form of the smart-phone in their pocket which means that having a simple website for your restaurant […]

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Restaurant Sales Upselling Techniques

Tweet Opportunities for up selling come along all the time in your restaurant or cafe and unless you and your staff take advantage of them you are leaving money on the table so to speak. Today I wanted to give you some information on how to capitalize on these opportunities to make you more sales, […]

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