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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Restaurant Staff Training Tips

Tweet It is widely known that poor service and staff who are difficult to deal with will account for the vast majority of customers who never come back to your restaurant. Staff training is the only way to address these issues properly, and the sooner you implement a program to get your staff up to […]

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Will Hospitality Training Grow My Restaurant Business?

Tweet Any successful restaurant owner knows the secret to having a profitable business and Hospitality Training forms the cornerstone of that success, however there is often three things overlooked that can make or break your business. If one of the following three areas is overlooked or not given equal attention as the other two then […]

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Help Servers Get Bigger Tips to Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Tweet Your servers can subtly steer diners’ choices toward happier results while still leaving people, “free to choose.” Here are six pointers for servers to gain larger tips and seven for restaurant owners to help them achieve them. In the end, the customer wins, the server wins, and of course your restaurant wins. For servers: […]

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Why Restaurant Training Is a Must for Your Restaurant

Tweet Restaurant training has evolved to be much more than just setting tables, talking and answering customer’s questions, it is also a way that any restaurant owner can advertise their restaurant in their employees work. To have a successful restaurant many owners to take upon themselves to have the best services and the best template […]

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Ways to Up Sell in Your Restaurant Business

Tweet Getting a customer to buy more than they were originally planning to buy is the key element of up selling and it is a huge profit builder in the restaurant industry. If you can teach your staff how to do it effectively, which means in a way that will leave the customer feeling more […]

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