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Monthly Archives: July 2014

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Restaurant Scheduling for Success – Excerpt From My Book, How to Improve Dining Room Service

Tweet by Richard Saporito Staff scheduling is crucial and closely tied to customer service. In every way, a balance must be achieved by matching the dining room service labor needs to forecasted business. There should be a system whereby the staff shift availability days can be communicated in writing to the person who makes up […]

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All About Vodka Brands

Tweet Like everything else in life, we want to know which is the ‘best’ vodka. Which vodka is most superior to others. And like everything else in life, we realize that there is no one single answer. For example, I use the latest Intel Pentium Core Duo Processor, as I require it to power my […]

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Wine Food Pairing – Live large with Great Wine and Comfort Food!

Tweet hat is it about comfort foods that make them, so, comfortable? Is it a personal thing that we bring with us from childhood or maybe a food that we ate while going through tough times? I guess, if that would be the case, then spam would be on everybody’s must have list and how […]

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