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Monthly Archives: January 2017

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Hospitality Service Training Must Include Menu Tasting And Testing

Tweet by Richard Saporito Do you want your restaurant service staff to really sell the menu that your Chef worked so hard on to perfect? Well, the first lesson in selling is knowing the product, so it can be properly described to the customer. In the restaurant business, the server must know and understand that menu […]

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Ten Restaurant Customer Service Mistakes in My Last Mock Waiter Training Sessions

Tweet by Richard Saporito In my last mock waiter training sessions, these were the ten most popular mistakes. Are your waiters making these mistakes? 1- Fingers near rim of the glass and inside the plate 2- Waiters walking away from table while talking to guest 3- Very poor food and beverage menu knowledge — e.g.–not […]

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Opening A Second Restaurant

Tweet by Richard Saporito As a successful restaurant owner, there is a good chance that opening a second location will not be far from your mind. You might feel there is an excellent opportunity in the next town, or have plans for creating a restaurant chain. However, just because you have one successful operation, it […]

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