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Avoiding Missed Steaks: The Importance Of Restaurant Waiter Training And Your Entire Service Staff

by Richard Saporito


Restaurant owners want to make as much money as possible. While you got involved in the industry to provide quality cuisine, you still need to make a profit. With that in mind, we wanted to publish a post that highlights some important factors about staff training and customer service. You’re never going to make a killing if you don’t keep your diners happy. The smallest mistakes with their meals could encourage bad reviews. Pretty soon, you’ll struggle to fill your tables during the evening because you’ve built a negative reputation. So, take some of the tips and advice from this page and put them to good use.


Make sure all understand your customer service standards

Customer service is one of the most important factors in the success of restaurants. There is always going to be someone who feels unhappy with their meal. It’s your ability to deal with their complaint that will determine the perception of your operation. With that in mind, ensure all team members know how to handle complaints. Whenever they head over to a table with your mobile credit card reader, your waiters must ask if the customer was happy with their experience. If they weren’t, that’s the perfect time to discuss the matter and put things right. Offering a refund is always better than losing a customer.

Pay for outside training wherever possible

While you could train your team in-house, it’s usually sensible to pay for outside training. That is because many specialists dedicate their entire lives to offering customer service advice. They are guaranteed to know more than you about the best ways to represent your business.

People working in that industry can give your staff all the information they require to present a positive and bubbly image. At the end of the day, there is a lot to learn, and so you should want to educate everyone working for your company. You have to make an investment, but you’ll get that money back from satisfied customers.


Always serve with a smile

The number one rule in the restaurant business is that you always need to serve with a smile. People won’t feel comfortable spending money on an upmarket meal if it’s served by someone who doesn’t look like they want to be there.

Considering that, you should build a list of jokes you can tell to your team during your start of shift staff meetings. If you can make them laugh, they should forget about their issues for a while and enjoy themselves at work. That brings us to another important point. Whatever happens, don’t overwork your team. People who are tired or grouchy are not good representatives of your brand.

Now you understand the importance of restaurant waiter/staff training and customer service; we hope your operation will excel this year. Just remember there is always more to learn, and you can always make improvements. So, continue your research and try to better every aspect of your operation. That is how you will beat the competition and keep those diners coming back for more.




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