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Three Sales Lessons From Restaurant Menu Design – Boost Sales, Increase Margins

Tweet Every time we sit down at a restaurant we are unconsciously playing the biggest sales game in the business. The best thing for the restaurant owner is this type of marketing and selling does not even have to involve a person. It’s just between you and the menu, and the menu wins most of […]

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How Culinary Arts and Culinary Management Programs Differ

Tweet Culinary management programs do not just instruct students in how to cook, they also tackle the legal side of the food industry and principles necessary to operate a restaurant or hospitality venue. Culinary arts, on the other hand, focuses almost entirely on the skills and knowledge necessary to cooking and serving various gourmet foods. […]

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Cost-Effective Advantages of Catering Service

Tweet If you’re considering the prospects of investing in the food industry, then you probably have a knack for preparing sumptuous dishes, and you have the degree and experience to back it up. The food service industry covers for many sectors, though, some more cost-effective than others. Do think twice if you’re planning to open […]

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Is Your Restaurant a Fine Dining Venue?

Tweet Is the menu all it could be? Is the food prepared and presented perfectly? Is the restaurant dining room service superb or only adequate? Is the ambiance right and fitting? Not all restaurants aspire to be fine dining establishments, but that does not mean the experience for the customers cannot be fine and memorable – and memorable […]

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Formal Culinary Training is Step One in Becoming a Professional Chef

Tweet If you desire to become a professional chef, your first step should be enrolling in the best cooking school you can find. A good culinary arts school will provide you with the solid education foundation professional chefs need. You will learn techniques of baking, cooking, le Cordon Blue, pastry making, culinary skills and proper, […]

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Chef Training: Your Ticket To Endless Possibilities

Tweet Let’s face it: cooking is not an easy thing. But then, it is not that complicated either. With the right stuff and the right training, you can head off boasting like a chef that knows its craft. Hence, whenever somebody has taken good cooking knowledge and skills, we would normally call them chefs. They […]

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5 Tips on How to Handle Your Kitchen Staff

Tweet Restaurants is one of the leading businesses in the world, but the success of this business, along with the location and the quality of food, depends upon the kitchen staff. In other words, you can say that the kitchen is the backbone of this business industry. Being a place of intensive labor, the kitchen […]

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More Money Saving Tips When Purchasing Restaurant Equipment

Tweet Buying restaurant equipment can be very costly, but there are quite a few more tips you can look out for to save you money. Purchasing restaurant equipment over the internet can save you money in sales tax believe it or not only if it is shipped from a different state from where you are […]

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