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At your restaurant, what does your customer experience?
Topserve answers with a thorough restaurant performance evaluation providing you with a professional, objective and unbiased look into your foodservice operations.

Richard’s publication; “Restaurant Performance Evaluation Guide” is utilized for this process.

At your restaurant, is there room for improvement in the current “level of service?”
Topserve aims to elevate this level by providing a complete bottom-to-top evaluation of dining room operations along with service troubleshooting and waiter training sessions.

Improvement projects of this type raise customer satisfaction and increases sales while reducing poor morale and unnecessary staff turnover – a very bad sign for any restaurant.

Consulting Services

Are you new to the restaurant business and need help with operational floor management?
Topserve offers expert advice on a per diem basis. To survive in this industry, one must always be learning because restaurant service is a balance of the physical (mechanics) and the mental (attitude).

Do you wish there was someone to check on the progress of your restaurant service operations over time? Topserve offers expert advice (on a monthly retainer) helping to sustain your establishment’s growth and future progress in customer service operations.

Topserve can also discreetly visit your restaurant periodically and conduct a detailed service performance evaluations which always keeps the staff on their toes.

Training Programs

Are you opening a new restaurant without experience in “front of the house” logistics?
Topserve fills this void by organizing a balanced, coordinated, efficient restaurant service system and staff including hiring, training, scheduling, and initial monitoring of the Front of the House.

All dining room service strategies are arranged to coincide with the theme, menu, desired service level, and your vision of success as a restaurant owner or manager. 

Would you like to learn how to be a Professional Waiter?
Topserve offers intensive Waiter Training Seminars that teach all of the basic steps of Restaurant Table Service (including Wine and Champagne Service).

These Seminars provide a solid foundation for a Waiter with long lasting effects that will enhance income and improve job security.

Waiter Training DVD!! – (Exceeding Expectations)
Culinary Institute of America (Cornell University)
$97 –  Order Now!!

Job placement assistance is included in the Beginners’ Waiter Seminars.

Click here to improve your restaurant service reputation and increase sales immediately: How to Improve Dining Room Service
To learn more about our Restaurant Consulting Services or Waiter Training Programs, call Richard Saporito for a Free initial consultation at: (888) 276-4808 or contact him via the Contact Page.
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