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Serving Up A Storm: 5 Things To Avoid When Running A Restaurant

by Richard Saporito

Running a restaurant is a tricky business. There are a lot of plates to balance – and that’s not in reference to when you’re clearing a table. Those who have taken on the challenge of opening up a restaurant have a lot to consider past serving the food.

Don’t Use Up Reserves

There is always going to be a certain amount of cash that you need in order to run your own business. Any line of work can be fickle when it comes to finance, and food is no different. All money that you are making should be split efficiently in order to have some to put into a savings pot. Always have reserves that you can fall back onto when times are hard; there are certain holidays that will see you running a ghost town until business really starts to ramp itself back up again.

Accidents Happen – Unless You Prepare

Any accident that happens within your restaurant has to be recorded – but the chances of it happening should be as unlikely as possible. Making sure that you have all the necessary precautions in place doesn’t just lie within what’s in the restaurant, but the actions of your staff as well. As long as you have liability cover from American Insuring Group or a similar company, you will know that you have backup; but try and aim for not ever having to use it. A lot of claims through insurance companies are for simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided if due diligence was followed.

Overworked, Underpaid

Your staff are at the forefront of your business – and are quite often the face of it, too. It is important that you treat them with respect and adhere to rules regarding breaks and shift lengths. The last thing that you want is your restaurant customer service staff rebelling against you, especially when you have a busy restaurant dining room to run.

Don’t Focus On The Food

A lot of restaurant owners make the mistake of thinking that it’s all about the food, and if you are providing a quality meal then that’s all you need to do. The reality couldn’t be more different. Whilst how good the food is is obviously a vital aspect, it’s the experience of the consumer that you need to focus on more. If the food is great but the serving attitude is lacking on focus on the customer, or there is no sense of atmosphere or enjoyment throughout the whole time that the customer is on your premises, then you’ll start to notice a decline in visitors. Take a step back and look at the whole picture.

The Customer Is Always Right

There are certain criticisms that you should take on board, especially if it’s more than one person that is raising it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be making every single change that is suggested to you. It’s a fruitless effort and will take away from the essence of what you are trying to build upon, leaving you feeling despondent.





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