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For Superb Restaurant Dining Room Service Always Use Proper Sections and Table Numbers

by Richard Saporito

I keep running into a major problem time and again when performing my restaurant dining room service consulting and training projects for hotel restaurants. Instead of having standard sections (stations) that waitstaff rotates through evenly and balanced, the policy of rotating tables amongst waitstaff as guests walk through the front door is instituted.

This is done because the dining room service staff feels that income will be fair and balanced.

This is an issue that gets brought to the Human Resources Dept., and the HR Dept. usually folds because of fear for lawsuits. Yes, by rotating tables, the income will be fair and balanced amongst staff, but the restaurant dining room service will be atrocious.

Without proper floor diagrams with sections and concisely clear table numbers, confusion and circus-like service will ensue. The only time rotating tables works is when the restaurant is very small or it is a very slow shift (Monday morning after the Holidays).

In utilizing standard sections (stations) that waitstaff rotates through, the income will also be fair and balanced over the course of time throughout the schedule rotation. And, the service will be much more orderly and accountable.

To all restaurants that are rotating tables, please stop immediately or your restaurant dining room service will always suffer.
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