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Our well developed and streamlined Restaurant Waiter Training and Management Training  enhance all types of restaurant and hotel operations every step of the way. Our extraordinary services and unique concepts are available throughout the New York City area, as well as anywhere within the United States and Internationally.

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Here are all of our Training Programs in full detail:

1. Restaurant Service Staff Start-up –  Since the Grand Opening is of the utmost importance, let Topserve help your brand new operation hit the ground running in an excellent fashion. We assist in all areas of the dining room staff start-up relieving many of the headaches involved in managing personnel, so you can attend to other time consuming areas of opening a restaurant.

Waitstaff, Bussers, Hosts, Food Runners, and Baristas are all integrated into the dining room with organization, balance and a very high level of restaurant service training. Our start-up service includes an initial monitoring and troubleshooting period to ensure that all dining room staff skills and techniques are polished and shining.

Operational manuals and restaurant service training manuals will be customized and provided for each position well before the opening. These manuals are used as the standard guidelines during the day to day business operations, so that there is never service breakdown of any kind–even when staff turnover occurs.  The main goal here is to upkeep excellent dining room customer service throughout all of the years of a restaurant’s existence.

Topserve’s Restaurant Training Programs will be of tremendous benefit in streamlining operations, so that your restaurant will begin with a solid, organized start and highly profitable future.

2. Restaurant Floor Management Training – Learn all of the restaurant floor management basics in this highly acclaimed program. The materials included are a compact service package containing everything needed to set up and run a restaurant dining room impeccably.  And, if this is not in the budget have a peak at my worldwide recognized book: “How to Improve Dining Room Service

3. Beginners Waiter Training – This is an orientation program for potential waiters who are just entering the industry. We begin with a discussion about the restaurant world’s advantages and expectations.

Then, the “service cycle” and the steps of table service will be intensely reviewed covering all pertinent areas such as: dining room service preparation, awareness, understanding, communication, proper greeting, food and beverage knowledge/upselling, service and sales technique (including wine and champagne service), tableside style and mannerisms, maintenance throughout the meal, plate/tray handling, check payment handling, computer systems run-through, food service sanitary and safety guidelines, working as a team with other employees instead of an individual plus an overall review of restaurant customer service care understanding.

These beginner waiter training seminars will help create a solid background for any person’s future employment and success.

Here’s what Richard says about his intensive waiter training course:

“My compact training course will cut months, if not years, of one’s wasted energy and valuable time. And, the 30 years of experience and “tricks of the trade” that I provide will
increase a waiter’s income for every restaurant shift worked forever!!”


Here is what a few successful students had to say about Topserve Waiter Training:

“I am originally from Italy, and took Richard’s course because I was interested in starting a career in the restaurant industry. The Topserve course gave me not only the skills, but the confidence needed to successfully become a professional waiter.”
— Marco Morgese
(happily living, waitering  in a top-notch line restaurant—- and surfing in San Diego, CA)

“Richard’s Beginner’s Waiter Training course was extremely helpful for my employment in the food service business. Instead of bussing tables, I am now making twice the amount of money as a waiter in an upscale restaurant. This was an impossible thought until I went through Richard’s sharply detailed waiter training seminars.”
— Frank Lopez,  Queens,  NYC

“Richard, thank you so much for all your help.  I was very impressed with how quickly I received the Waiter Training DVDs and all of the other material. To be quite frank, all the material is worth a lot more than what I paid. I’ll refer your company to everyone I know in the biz. Every restaurant in the country should demand all servers to have Topserve Restaurant Waiter training course.”
The material is excellent!  Thank you again!
–Jose Santos,  Bronx,  NYC

4. Intermediate Waiter Training Program – This is for semi-experienced waiters needing extra service and sales training for finer dining establishments. The result of taking this program is an increased level of waitstaff  knowledge, skills and better sales technique – which all translates into higher check averages, higher income, and happier customers!

Waiter Training DVD!! – (Exceeding Expectations)
Culinary Institute of America (Cornell University)
$97 –  Order

Recent lectures include:  

  • Generations Hotel and Restaurant Olympic Village, Lake Placid, NY
  • Monteverde at Oldstone Restaurant, Peekskill, NY
  • Vincent’s Clam Bar, Carle Place, NY

To learn more about our Waiter Training and Restaurant Service Consulting Programs, call Richard Saporito for a Free initial consultation at: (888) 276-4808 or contact him via the Contact Page.

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